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We are manufacturing experts, helping Washington manufacturers thrive

Impact Washington is a not-for-profit organization that helps Washington manufacturers and manufacturing compete globally. We help you thrive through expert consulting, training programs, educational and industry events and resources that will increase your profits, develop your people, help you be more sustainable and build your business.

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  • Spotlight: Loren Lyon
    President and Center Director
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    Meet our team of manufacturing experts

    Our professionals provide affordable assistance to improve your company’s productivity, efficiency and competitiveness through technology, techniques and best practices. We understand the challenges manufacturing businesses face and can help you make the changes that make the difference between surviving and thriving. We have specialists in every area of manufacturing for all sizes of businesses, so you are sure to get the right expertise for your specific needs.

    Impact WA Team Members

    Main Office Team
    Loren Lyon, President and Center Director
    Deloit Wolfe, Jr, Director of Marketing and Business Development
    Jessica Ingle, Operations and HR Manager
    Kherlen Cox, Controller

    Account Executives
    Michael Schneider, Account Executive – Eastern and Central Washington
    Krassimir Totev, Account Executive – Western Washington 
    Kristin Kautz, Account Executive – Southwest Washington
    Roger Milliman, Account Executive – Western Washington
    Sarah Stuart, Account Executive – Northwest Washington

  • Our board of directors

    Our board members represent all sectors of manufacturing – from high end medical devices to food processing – and bring years of industry experience to guide Impact Washington as it fulfills its mission of a strong manufacturing industry in Washington.

    Manufacturing Executives:
    Board Chair: Ben Horn, VP Composites – Paneltech International
    Board Vice Chair: Geoff Lawrence, Consultant
    Board Secretary: Joseph Heim, Adjunct Professor – University of Washington
    Board Treasurer: Michael McNutt
    Past Board Chair: Dave Green, VP/GM – Raptor Group
    C. Gordon Cudney, Owner – Apex Industries Incorporated
    Dr. Jim West, 787 Project Manager – Boeing Commercial Airplanes

    Community Representative:  Bill Messenger, Labor Liaison – Washington State Labor Council

    Resource Affiliates: Rob McDaniel, Associate Dean for University Partnerships – Washington State University Cooperative Extension

    NIST MEP Liaison: Tab Wilkins, Federal Program Officer – NIST/MEP

    Ex Officio:
    Mary Trimarco, Managing Director – Business Services Division Department of Commerce
    Loren Lyon, President – Impact Washington
    Mike Brennan, Economic Development Workforce Specialist – Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board
    Kathy Goebel, Policy Associate Workforce Education – Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

  • Learn more about our partners

    We partner with the state’s Economic Development Councils, educational institutions and key industry associations to provide deep knowledge and critical resources to our clients. Our partners are selected carefully to ensure they align with our mission and values and can provide the change that makes the difference for Washington manufacturing businesses of all sizes and types.

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  • Why manufacturing matters in Washington

    • Manufacturing provides 301,700 jobs, $26.6 billion in GSP, 13% of the state’s employment, and 16% of total wages, second only to the service sector.
    • Manufacturers need every competitive tool available in order to successfully compete in a global economy using a high-skill, high-wage workforce.
    • King County manufacturing accounts for over 144,000 jobs. Each manufacturing job creates from 1.5 to 3 jobs in the region’s economy.
    • Every $1 Washington State invests in Impact Washington generates $5.30 in state tax revenue.

    Over the past 10 years, Impact Washington has worked with over 1,000 companies. Impact Washington projects have resulted in over $50 million in cost savings and $92 million in client sales increases. Impact Washington has also held over 500 educational events, bringing the latest in training and technology to Washington’s manufacturers.

  • What we’re up to

    Check out some of our latest articles on growing manufacturing in Washington State.

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  • Review our FAQ’s to learn more

    Browse through our FAQs to learn more about us and how we work. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

    Who is Impact Washington?
    We are a private not-for-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen manufacturing in Washington. We do that by providing services and resources to manufacturers to help them thrive and be globally competitive.

    Why are you a not-for-profit organization?
    A strong manufacturing base is critical to a healthy U.S. economy, and in the past, small to medium sized manufacturers have been underserved in receiving the help they need to compete globally. Our status allows us to offset some of our operating costs with state and federal money in order to provide affordable high-quality services to this sector.

    What does your federal funding mean?
    Federal funding means that the government is invested in a strong U.S. manufacturing sector. In order to continue to receive federal funding, the government conducts an independent survey of all the companies we work with to verify the quality and value delivered to our customers.

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