Understanding energy usage in your facility is a critical step in determining how to conserve and save money. Impact Washington can help you review and implement options to optimize energy use in your facility.

  • Improve energy efficiency

    Our Energy Assessments help you tackle the energy challenges of increased consumption and higher rates. Impact Washington will create a value stream map of your energy usage to conduct a comprehensive review of energy consumption and identify potential energy savings. The result is a list of actionable recommendations and analysis showing potential ROI.

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    natures_path1Nature’s Path finds tremendous energy savings during Impact Washington/Green Supplier Network Lean and green project

    Impact Washington brought in the WSU Extension Energy Program to review Nature’s Path energy usage. After recommendations were presented, Nature’s Path decided to pursue a number of the initiatives made by the Energy Program and the University of Washington’s Industrial Assessment Center. The plant has purchased moisture sensors for one of their extruders, which will improve product quality and energy efficiency. Energy savings will be close to $30,000 per year.

  • Put your equipment to the efficiency test

    Impact Washington will spend a few days on your shop floor checking out the efficiency of the equipment and manufacturing processes used in your production process. Our experts will recommend changes to maximize the effectiveness of each component. The result: your company will enjoy increased capacity, less downtime and improved profits.

    Learn more about our consulting solutions and resources to help you be more sustainable.

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