Workforce Development

Our training programs assist you in developing and retaining a highly skilled and productive workforce to meet your strategic business and profit goals.

  • July 28-31, 2014
    7:30 – 10:30 am each day

    Fishermans Terminal – Seattle

    $495 per person (includes all course materials)
    Click here for early bird registration of $395 until JUNE 1, 2014

    Who Should Attend?

    Supervisors, the people responsible for training, are the primary target of Job Instruction (JI) training. At the end of the training, they will be expected to:

    • Train the workers using JI techniques
    • Create and practice Job Instruction Breakdown Sheets
    • Develop a matrix chart showing who will be trained in what and by when
    • Keep the Job Instruction Breakdown Sheets on file and updated for use

    Managers, the people responsible for the supervisors, are the secondary target of JI training. They must:

    • Understand how Job Instruction training works
    • Plan for the resources required to insure success
    • Experience how Job Instruction Breakdown Sheets are developed
    • Support their supervisors by acting as a sounding board for matrix chart development, drafting and practicing Job Instruction Breakdown Sheets.

    Executives, the people responsible for the managers, must attend the first and last session of JI Training. Their participation sends the following message:

    • Consistent training methods are vital to the success of this company
    • Training is an expensive investment
    • We expect immediate and appropriate returns
    • We believe you can do it.


  • Training Within Industry – Job Instruction, Job Relations, Job Methods

    Information: Linda Adams – (425) 438-1146 x107
    Call 1.800.637.4634 for details

    TWI consists of three standardized programs that teach the essential skills needed by all supervisors and team leaders, regardless of their industry. These programs are: Skill in Instruction, Skill in Improving Methods, and Skill in Leading People.

    TWI “J” Programs

    Job Instruction Training (JI) Teaches supervisors how to quickly train employees to do the job correctly, safely, and conscientiously.
    Job Methods Training (JM) Teaches supervisors how to produce greater quantities of quality products in less time by making the best use of the people, machines, and materials now available.
    Job Relations Training (JR) Teaches supervisors how to build positive employee relations, increase cooperation and motivation, and effectively resolve conflicts as they arise.


  • Leveraging leaders to increase productivity and improve morale

    As the foundation for continuous improvement, our Training Within Industry program helps you leverage the role of the supervisor to make immediate changes that make a real difference in productivity and profitability.

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    Training Within Industry

    Watch how Training Within Industry has helped Physio Control standardize their employee training methodology.

  • Maximizing your people and policies

    We provide your human resources professionals with cutting-edge resources and current information to help you develop sound policies and procedures for greater workplace efficiency and effectiveness.

    Learn more about our consulting solutions and resources to help you develop your people.

    White Paper: Why You Should Worry About ICE Raids, by Brenda J. Smith, J.D.

    You have been hearing in the news that companies are getting into trouble for hiring illegal immigrants, but don’t think that will happen to you. Are you sure? All of the companies who have been subject to I.C.E. raids thought the same thing. And now they are in various stages of prosecution and subject to fines which could financially cripple the companies.
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  • Training for whole-company success

    Whether you want your employees to get Lean or to develop new skills that increase productivity, we can help.

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    Brace Point Railings gears up for success

    Brace Point Railings is a major supplier and installer of handrails and guardrails. With accelerated training in Lean Manufacturing and workplace organization, they made excellent use of a slow period of activity to dramatically change the look of the company, both physically and functionally.
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  • Managing and respecting a diverse workforce

    Cultural awareness promotes staff understanding of how their diverse ways of dealing with daily challenges can be synergized by focusing on effective communication and team-building. We help supervisory staff develop leadership and team-building skills with their diverse front-line workers.

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    Grant for Washington Food Processors Educated Bilingual Workforce in Lean Principles

    Impact Washington worked with MEPs from Oregon, Nevada and Idaho to implement the Lean for the Food Processing Industry Project. The project addressed the unique competitive challenges in the industry as well as the nature of its cross-cultural workforce.

  • Coaching for success from the inside out

    Our specialists coach successful business people to help them achieve the success of their businesses, creating more effective leaders and business managers.

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  • Building teams that help businesses thrive

    We help you develop effective team participation, which is critical to unleashing the power of group dynamics in problem solving, through training that teaches the basics of team participation customized to fit your group and company culture.

    Learn more about our consulting solutions and resources to help you develop your people.

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