Growth and Innovation

We’ll help you harness new ideas that create sales through programs that inspire your teams, help you develop actionable plans and ignite your growth cycle.

  • Discover your growth possibilities

    Our certified growth coaches help you implement a disciplined process for measurably smarter choices for growth. Part workshop, part leadership training program and part accelerated project management system, the Innovation Engineering Management System uses a scientific method for improving your sales and marketing effectiveness, the ability to develop new customers/markets and how to create more profitable products and services.

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  • Top-line growth so you can thrive

    Our growth planning solutions help manufacturing executives assess their companies from a financial, sales and marketing, manufacturing and organizational perspective and set targets for growth that align with financial objectives and company vision.

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  • Develop new products with confidence

    We offer assistance as you develop new products and capabilities. We’ll help you develop test prototypes, select and acquire new materials, enhance industrial design capabilities, and set up the required manufacturing processes. All so you can realize new product success and company growth.

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  • Take advantage of federal opportunities for growth

    Did you know that many of your daily activities qualify for Federal research & development tax credits that can significantly reduce your tax liability? Our experts understand the tax code and will help you discover opportunities that make a difference in your growth strategy.

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    Congress Passes R&D Tax Credit Extension

    Congress recently approved legislation to retroactively extend the R&D Tax Credit. This credit provides economic incentive for U.S. businesses to continue to invest in Research and Development activities. The U.S. leads the world in Research and Development investment, and is responsible for more innovation than any other country. A key ingredient to this credit is that it helps small to medium size businesses, which employs more than 80% of the U.S. workforce.

    Most companies and their accountants, including many Fortune 500 entities and their subsidiaries, do not take full advantage of this opportunity. Eligible companies include: manufacturers of all types, IT hardware and software companies of all types, firms that invest in customized solutions for their clients, and firms that make substantial investments for new or upgraded hardware or software where it is used directly in serving their customers.

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