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Getting Lean is about creating value and eliminating waste across your entire company so you can reduce lead times and costs, and improve efficiency, productivity and quality. Our Lean experts provide implementation, training and facilitation for all areas of your company—from managing your business to optimizing your processes to enable you to deliver on expectations.

  • Get Lean and profitable

    Our Lean experts guide you through a continuous improvement process that identifies and eliminates waste to allow you to transform your organization into a highly efficient and profitable business.

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    Our Lean Enterprise Certification Program

    The Lean Enterprise Certification Program provides participants with a well-planned, structured approach to becoming a Lean leader.

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  • Realize your vision for the future

    Learn to see the flow of information and materials in your company’s value stream and develop an implementation plan that will help you optimize your value streams.

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    Training for value stream mapping

    This course helps you learn how to map current state information and material flows, while also developing a future-state implementation plan to help you successfully carry out the changes necessary to achieve your vision.

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  • Make immediate changes and see results

    The key to becoming Lean is an environment of continuous improvements. For that reason, all kaizen events start and end with training. After learning about underlying concepts and principles, Impact Washington facilitates practical application on the shop floor and follows-up with a presentation of results and lessons learned.

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    Decagon Devices creates culture of continuous improvements thanks to work of Impact Washington

    “Lean has brought a culture change to Decagon Devices. Continuous improvement is now ingrained in the company culture.”
    Kirby Dailey
    Decagon Devices
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  • Support a smooth and efficient workflow

    Creating process flow on the shop floor requires balancing manufacturing operations against standardized work and customer demand. We help you connect your manual and machine operations into the most efficient combination to maximize value, minimize waste, and free floor space.

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    Lean Training and Implementation Saves ZF Mathers from Costly Plant Expansion

    “Impact Washington provided the insight, drive and resources that helped us learn about and implement Lean Manufacturing to increase our plant’s capacity and avoid our costly expansion plans. Without the persistence and experience of Impact Washington, this Lean voyage would have been drawn out and rendered ineffective… another flavor of the month program. Our organization truly appreciates Impact Washington for their guidance and resources. We will utilize this great service again!”
    Chris Larson
    Vice President of Operations
    Mathers Controls, Inc.
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  • Increase productivity and profits in the office

    Lean organizations produce greater value with less work. We show you how to apply Lean principles to transform your office and administrative processes into a value-added, customer-focused operation.

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    Training: applying Lean to office and administration

    This class focuses on the unique characteristics of offices and uses a variety of exercises—including a simulated office using laptop computers—to demonstrate how Lean can be applied to office processes to achieve significant, quantifiable benefits.
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  • Supporting the improvement of healthcare systems

    Optimizing core healthcare processes eliminates the waste that drives up costs. Our solutions help healthcare organizations become Lean and profitable.

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    Yakima Valley Hospital Gets Lean

    Through a multi-phased process that included four sessions of Lean Healthcare 101 and four major Kaizen events, Impact Washington helped Yakima Valley Hospital streamline their processes to get Lean.
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