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We help you identify opportunities for growth and can assess your current sales practices to design a system that will increase sales in all the markets you serve, providing practices and tracking methods for all elements of the sales process.

  • Sessions in 2012:
    Skagit County
    Walla Walla (wine industry specific)
    Spokane (free trade countries)

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    Cost$995 per company (includes one-day Jumpstart and three-day ExportTech program for up to 3 people, all meals and books)
    Regularly priced $5000, the discount is thanks to subsidies that are made available in 2012 the CERB Export Grant program.

    Information and registration: Contact Linda Adams – (425) 438-1146 x107

    ExporTech: When You’re Serious About Building Export into your Strategic Plan
    The ExporTech program is an export acceleration system for achieving profitable growth.

    • Do you believe your product has international sales potential but don’t know how to get started?
    • Have you received international inquiries, but haven’t fully capitalized on them to generate significant sales growth?
    • Would you like to shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to expanding international sales?

    ExporTech can drive international sales today. Companies that have gone through the ExporTech program report significant impacts to their bottom lines:

    • The average participant increases sales by nearly $170,000.
    • Many companies generate export sales within 3-6 months of completing the program, and some have negotiated sales before the program’s final session.
    • The program saves the average company over 120 hours of labor time by navigating them through the international growth process.

    How does ExporTech work?

    The ExporTech system has several hallmarks.

    1. The process assists companies to develop a simple, actionable international growth plan – based on a series of carefully designed tools and templates.
    2. We connect participants with a wide range of seasoned international business experts who help them navigate the export process.
    3. The program involves a unique combination of group work, individual work, and personal coaching that allows companies to extract information that is critical to their export success.

    - During group sessions, experts are selected based on the specific needs of the participants, to educate the entire group and provide one-on-one consultations.

    - Planning exercises and peer discussions are employed to help executives apply knowledge to their own companies.

    - In the final group session, each company’s plan will be reviewed and vetted by a panel of experienced international businesspeople, to help them avoid costly mistakes and see new opportunities.

    - Each company is assigned an experienced coach to provide focused, one-on-one support in the development and execution of their plans.

    - Each three-session program is limited to six to eight companies to ensure quality, personalized service and attention to each company.

    What is required?

    Companies participate in three one-day group sessions scheduled over a three-month period. In between each company works on the development and implementation of their international growth plan with the support of a coach.

    SESSION 1: Export Strategy and Best Practices
    The Big Picture
    Successful Export Strategies
    Best Practices
    Plan Template
    Individual Coaching on Markets, Logistics, Capacity, Resources

    Between Sessions – Market Research, Target Market Selection, Strategy

    SESSION 2: Mechanics of Exporting
    Custom Agenda Based on Companies’ Needs
    Rep & Distributor Partners
    Export Controls
    Legal Issues
    Intellectual Property

    Between Sessions – Plan Development, Concrete Strategies to Go to Market

    SESSION 3: Export Growth Plan Presentations
    Panel Review of Company Plans with Expert Feedback and Coaching
    Action Plan for Going to Market


  • Opening new doors to profit for your business

    Our specialists help you find new export markets for your products and can connect you with funding for improvements that will make your company more effective, profitable and better able to compete in global markets.

    Learn how to expand into global markets with ExporTech Training

    We’ll help you identify hurdles to expansion and work with facilitators and experts to develop your customized international growth plan.

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  • Expand your markets and increase sales

    Impact Washington’s Sales Development Services help clients assess sales opportunities, develop effective sales strategies, formulate sales plans with specific objectives, identify and evaluate sales channel partners, and train sales associates. These activities lead to sales systems that improve performance and lead to increased revenue at higher margins.

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  • Target the right market for growth

    Our market research and segmentation program helps you understand why some customers buy from you and others do not and what market segments, based on a thorough analysis of your customer base and core competencies, should be actively pursued.

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  • Utilizing your website to drive sales and support

    Through web strategies that highlight your value and demonstrate your quality, our internet strategists can help you develop effective online tools to cost-effectively power your sales and support efforts.

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