ExporTech Success

The ExporTech program is a national success story, helping companies nationwide.  Below is a success story about a company from Lebanon, Missouri, who was featured in the USA Today in April of 2011.

Small Businesses Look Across Borders to Add Markets
by Paul Davidson, USA Today

Reprinted from April 8, 2011 Edition

Executives at Osagian Canoes of Lebanon, Mo. never thought much about selling their product outside the U.S.  Shipping costs for the 17-foot long alumnium canoes seemed exorbitant. And John Carr, vice president of Osagian’s parent company, Carmeco figured he’d have to learn new languages and worried international sales contracts couldn’t be enforced.  But since attending a workshop last year developed by the Commerce Department, Osagian has opened a small factory in Denmark and exports are on pace to comprise 15% of sales this year.  Read more.


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