ExporTech Export Consulting: When You’re Ready to GO GLOBAL

Ready to go global?

Next session:  Vancouver, WA – begins March 4, 2015
Contact Kristin Kautz to register or for information at (360) 241-5135 or by email at kkautz@impactwashington.org.

Grant funding available for eligible companies.

ExporTech: Creating Your Strategic Plan to Increase International Sales

Are you taking advantage of growth opportunities in global markets, but are afraid of navigating international sales on your own?

Do you have a strategic plan to find the most profitable overseas marketing for your products?

If NO, the ExporTech program could be the answer.

Why ExporTech?

  • Structured strategic process that assists your company to accelerate export sales growth
  • ONLY export program that helps you develop and execute a STRATEGIC export plan
  • Connects you with local and national experts that help navigate the export sales process
  • Saves countless hours and eliminates fear of the unknown about getting paid, protecting intellectual property, finding effective distribution channels overseas and more.

If you are ready to make the investment of time, ExporTech can unlock your growth potential.

New to Export?

  • ExporTech will help you start exporting the right way from the beginning, helping you look at the world and see where the best places are to sell your products.
  • ExporTech will connect you with all the resources you will need to navigate the complicated export process.

Already Exporting?

ExporTech will take you beyond being a reactive exporter and help you be more strategic in your approach to international sales.

ExporTech will connect you with financial products that are available to exporters and how to use those to gain a competitive advantage overseas.

How Does ExporTech work?

  • Jointly offered across the United States by NIST MEP in partnership with the U.S. Export Assistance Centers of the Department of Commerce.
  • Can be done in consortium with other companies or one-on-one with an individual company for more customized consulting. Both options lead to a strategic export plan in three months.
  • Execution driven, with a team of partners who make it easier to go to market and implement the plan.
  • Innovative customized sessions that are hands-on and help companies extract the specific information they need.
  • Amplifies the impact of other export programs and brings together all the resources you will need to create a comprehensive, strategic, repeatable export plan.
  • Helps companies get the most out of foreign trade shows, GoldKey services, country visits and trade missions.

SESSION 1: Export Strategy and Best Practices
The Big Picture
Successful Export Strategies
Best Practices Plan Template
Coaching on Markets, Logistics, Capacity, Resources
Between Sessions – Market Research, Target Market Selection, Strategy

SESSION 2: Mechanics of Exporting
Custom Agenda Based on Company’s Needs
Financing, Rep & Distributor Partners, Export Controls, Legal Issues, Intellectual Property, Culture
Between Sessions – Plan Development, Concrete Strategies to Go to Market

SESSION 3: Export Growth Plan Presentations
Panel Review of Company Plans with Expert Feedback and Coaching
Action Plan for Going to Market


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