Barbara Rasco

Director of School of Food Science

Dr. Barbara Rasco is a food scientist and engineer with expertise in food laws and regulations. In addition to her research in the development of analytical methods to predict the safety and quality of food products she also conducts research in applied food microbiology, and food processing with over 200 publications.  She is has worked extensively with seafood products and aquaculture and has expertise with other important agricultural commodities in the northwest.  Dr. Rasco studies the practical and legal impact of food safety regulations including product liability, commercial law, and intellectual property. She has provided technical assistance to the industry in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. She has worked internationally on small and medium enterprise development in 37 countries and has drafted statutes and regulations for developing countries in resource utilization, agricultural production, product safety and trade promotion.

Dr. Rasco is the Director of the joint Washington State University /University of Idaho School of Food Science where she has served as a professor since 1998. From 1983- 1998 she was a professor in the Institute of Food Science and Technology, College of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences at the University of Washington and prior to that, a biochemical engineer with Cargill Inc.

Dr. Rasco is a fellow with the Institute of Food Technologists and a recipient of the Elizabeth Fleming Stier Award for humanitarian service.