Resource Partners

Impact Washington [IW] is always looking to expand its resource pool with professionals that offer high-quality, market-driven, cost-effective services that we can offer to our customers. This page reviews the reasons why you should consider becoming a resource partner and the qualification process.

What are the benefits to working with Impact Washington?

Impact Washington provides our resource partners with:

Sales and Distribution Channel
Access to over 10,000 small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies in Washington State, which will reduce your sales and marketing costs and providing an opportunity to increase sales.
Pre-qualified Prospects
The IW Account Executive conducts the initial assessment and brings the resource in only after a need has been identified, significantly reducing your selling cost and cycle.
Limited Liability
Limited Liability — All contracts are written between the client and IW.  This guarantees that you will get paid if all the project requirements are met.

Qualification Process

The first step in becoming an IW resource partner is to complete the Consulting Resource Application. The application requests basic information about your organization; general qualifications, areas of expertise, industry focus and references. Click here to download an application and W9 form.

Please note that Impact Washington does not accept applications from organizations that are product vendors and/or resellers.  All questions and requests for information should be made via email. If we have a demand for the type of services that your organization provides, you will be contacted and asked to complete the next step in the process, which includes defining specific services that your organization is willing to provide to IW’s clients.

Service Development Process

The next step in the process is for you to provide specific service information. These services should fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Business management
  2. Strategy and marketing
  3. Operational Excellence
  4. Organizational Development

Please complete and submit information on your top 1 or 2 services, a resource biography(ies) and a completed W-9. It is recommended that all resources submit at least one tactical project.

  • Description of Service(s) to be provided to IW Clients.
  • Resource Biography(ies), which should be provided for each individual within your organization that will be potentially providing services to IW clients. Each Bio should be a maximum of one page and should be submitted in the defined format provided – see Resource Bio Template.

After completing, submit your information via email to Jessica Ingle at After your service information is reviewed and accepted by IW, you will be notified and your information will be entered into our Center’s resource database.

Also, if appropriate, you will be invited to present to our team of IW Account Executives an overview of your organization’s capabilities and the services provided. When a potential client need is identified, you will be contacted by one of our Account Executives.

Conducting a Client Project for Impact Washington

The IW Account Executive is responsible for contracting with the Resource for a specific project with an IW client. Pre-contract activities may include a preliminary meeting with the client, negotiating project cost and payments (with IW), and creating project contracts. Contracts are created for each specific client project. All contracts are fixed price and IW pays travel expenses.

During the project, the Account Executive is responsible for macro project management to ensure that the project is on schedule, within budget and meets our quality expectations.

Apply by e-mail to become an IW Resource Partner
or call us today at (
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