Impact Washington Announces 2020 Business Operations Workshop Series

4-Session Series Offers Small Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs, and Start-Ups Fresh Ideas, New Tools and Approaches to Improve Operations Functions Small business owners and management executives within organizations who are interested in learning how to close the gap between them and their team members on basic operation concepts, fundamental quality management systems, and lean manufacturing concepts will […]

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Q&A With Sarah Stuart: Find Your Bright Spot

As I have traveled our state, I have received  many questions about the best way to start doing Lean. While Lean has helped many companies in some manufacturing industries improve significantly, there are still industries that are just now starting to ask questions about whether Lean is “for them”. For those companies that have been […]

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Out of Office: Time Away From the Cubicle

Anytime I visit a client who is eager to implement Lean Manufacturing tools, my first question is what do you need and why? And in many occasions, clients ask for reducing inventory and speeding up process. However, in order to reach that level, they need to go through a journey that will destroy some myths […]

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Q&A With Sarah Stuart: What Happens When Lean Fails?

I recently received a question though our website.  To answer it, I decided to reach out to one of our Resource Partners as he is an expert on how behavioral systems impact continuous improvement efforts. Gordy Anderson is the President of Box One Solutions.  Not only is he one of our top Resource Partners in […]

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An Expert’s Thoughts on the Toyota Kata Summit

I just got back from KataCon3 (the Kata Summit) in San Diego, Ca.  KataCon is a chance for seasoned Kata Practioners and those curious about Kata to meet and learn from each other.  The word Kata comes from martial arts and describes the structured protocols and routines that are practiced until they become second nature […]

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