Bainbridge Manufacturing is the largest manufacturer of plastic hardware for cabinets, furniture, and closets in the United States. We moved our factory from Bainbridge Is. to the small town of Waterville WA in 1999 to take advantage of the low electricity rates as well as our desire to support a rural and historic Washington community.

Our customers frequently call us asking us to match a part from another manufacturer who has gone out of business or discontinued that product. Most often we can match it to one of ours. If we can’t match the part we will either; refer them to another supplier who we believe can, or discuss options for producing the part they need. We currently run our injection molding machines 24 hours per day year round. We are family owned and sell our proprietary line of cabinet hardware under the trade marked name of Cabinet Master®.


Plastics Hardware Manufacturing


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David Soderstrom
(509) 745-9555

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