We at BumbleBar take much pride in making delicious, certified-organic, gluten-free energy bars. We also care a great deal about doing the right thing for people and the planet. Most food companies farm out their production and become food marketers. We believe in providing living wage jobs in our community of Spokane, WA. This is why we still handcraft the BumbleBar ourselves. We also purchase most of our ingredients from worker owned cooperatives. Purchasing directly from the farmers means that the farmers don’t have to sell to brokers, who take a large chunk of their profit. We’ve combined our two passions of healthy food and sustainability into great tasting energy bars.


Food Manufacturing


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Mary Jantsch
(509) 924-2080


For more information or any questions about Made in Washington, please contact Jessica Ingle at (425) 438-1146 x109 or  jingle@impactwashington.org.

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