Since 1983, Electronetics has specialized in providing custom magnetic solutions for a wide variety of medical, aerospace, audio and industrial applications.

Let’s do the numbers.

If you think a custom solution comes standard with sticker shock, consider this: Electronetics, LLC solutions are usually more affordable than off-the-shelf alternatives.

For openers, our final quote for your project conceals no unpleasant surprises, such as additional fees for design time, labor or materials.

And while off-the-shelf solutions may appear to save time and money on the front-end, they can bite you on the back-end if they’re even slightly off-the-mark. Compatibility glitches due to undocumented parameters, production delays and customer dissatisfaction can quickly turn a bargain into a bonfire.

We keep you in control with an optimized solution that seamlessly integrates with your design, doesn’t complicate production and ensures reliable performance. Factor in the on-going ROI of working with Electronetics, LLC and the math gets even easier.


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