DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN VANCOUVER, WA, USA. Irrigation Accessories Co. strives to manufacture top-quality, innovative, water-saving Ag irrigation products. We have a reputation built on over 50 years of serving our customers with integrity: On-time delivery of a quality product we manufacture. We are proud to stand behind our service and products. We make it right for our customers.

WE MAKE IT RIGHT! Irrigation Accessories Co. has been manufacturing Ag Irrigation products for over 50 years. Bill Stout started inventing in the late forties and continued to do so until he passed in 1971. Formed in 1954 and incorporated in 1962, IACO supplied great service and the right product. That tradition contnues today. Whether it’s supplying a dealer with replacement parts for a failed overseas knockoff or continuing to develop Boombacks® with products like the Hose Boom™ and Sling Finger™ for an evovling enviroment. We strive to make it right.




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