OmniFAB LLC is located in a 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Auburn, WA, conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma. For the past 14 years, OmniFAB has been a leader in providing innovative design and manufacturing solutions for our customers. OmniFAB’s registered Quality Management System is a dual registration for AS9100 (rev C) / ISO 9001:2000.

Metal Fabrication
We offer a wide range of metal fabrication services from simple machined components to complex welded or fabricated assemblies. Our capabilities include sheet metal fabrication, machining and all types of welding. OmniFAB produces small intricate parts as well as large weldments over 40’ long. Our engineers specialize in design services to get your product launched from the “idea stage” to the prototype phase or right into full production. OmniFAB goes one step further by completely reviewing your design details to ensure we manufacture it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, resulting in consistent, high quality products, on time and within budget.

Aerospace Machining
Aerospace work is a major element of omniFAB’s Strategic Plan. Aerospace is a key ingredient of the company’s diversification plan and one of three market segments that the company is focused on.
OmniFAB provides aerospace machining to a variety of tier 1, 2 & 3 companies in the greater Puget Sound area. We provide machining services for materials ranging from hard metals like Titanium to softer metals like Aluminum. Our equipment includes horizontal mills, vertical mills, and lathes.

Contract Manufacturing
Contract manufacturing capabilities were enhanced when Fabrication Services Inc. (FSI) was merged into OmniFAB in 2009. OmniFAB is a contract manufacturer of electromechanical assemblies and finished products. We provide high-mix, high-complexity start-to-finish manufacturing services for companies in the Beverage Industry, Instrumentation, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Computer industries.

Our reputation for performance is a result of our lean and flexible approach to manufacturing that yields, fast deliveries, smaller lot sizes, top quality, and best costs.


Metal Components


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