Helping Amputees and Disabled “feel whole again.” VA approved options, ask about FREE services for Veterans.

To make a positive change in human lives helping them “feel whole again” with color and art.

Helping fellow amputees open up and not be ashamed or hide their prosthesis helping them recover the self-confidence they had lost with their injuries by embracing it and expressing their individualistic ideas through custom orthotic tattoo.

In 2004, Dan began fabrication training at Hanger Orthotics and Prosthetics in Tacoma, WA. Within a week, he fabricated his own personal prosthetic socket and applied his first tattoo, thereby initiating the tattooed prosthetic concept. In 2006, he tattooed his prosthesis again with artwork that reflects his personality. “The moment I put fiery flames artwork on my socket and the compliments from strangers made me stand tall and my self-esteem went through the roof,” Horkey says. “I wear my prosthesis with pride.”

From the tragedy emerged triumph, a different man, and the future he is now living. The wheels began to turn, and, essentially, the concept of prosthetic art was born. What had once been a source of indignity was now one of pride. “My prosthetic became a subject of conversation, and from that, my self confidence went up. The way I felt made me want to bring the world of color and custom art to other amputees.” Dan has converted the process of healing into his life’s path, his life’s work.

He founded Global Tattoo Orthotic Prosthetic Innovations LLC (GTOPI) in 2008. The company helps others “feel whole again” and applies personalized artwork onto Prosthetic Limbs, Orthopedic Braces and Pediatric Cranial Helmets, empowering fellow amputees to express their individualistic ideas through custom orthotic tattoo. The artwork is reflective of the person who wears it, much like someone’s tattoo, there is personal meaning, sometimes obvious in content, sometimes more covert, and of meaning only to the wearer.

Dan Horkey’s company is the first business of its kind in the World to offer state of the art – Patent Pending methods that are airbrushed, fine art hand-brushed, pin stripe designs and painted with automotive colors. His many patent-pending methods, some entail a unique process that utilizes custom painted automotive finishes and then airbrushing or hand-painting the design of choice. “My finishes are safe for children and adults, proven durable and of professional quality, says Horkey.” What Dan Horkey is offering for prosthetic limbs and braces vastly expands the options beyond the laminated fabric choices that are currently available.




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