In 2007, Silicon Energy became the first certified PV module manufacturer in the State of Washington, and it was not by accident. Internationally renowned inverter manufacturer, Outback Power, based in Arlington, Washington, recognized the opportunity to deliver a similarly world class solar PV module to the market. Feed-in tariffs were being introduced in the State of Washington to promote economic stimulus and jobs in the solar market, and these tariffs would fuel the start-up of Silicon Energy.

Silicon Energy analyzed 30 years of research from leading research institutes like National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), to design a unique and superior photovoltaic module. They studied the vulnerabilities of standard PV modules and set out to produce a module that would not only compete in a world economy, but also deliver a new paradigm for solar installations. The Cascade Series challenged the solar photovoltaic industry by offering customers a safer, more attractive, and more durable PV system with an industry-leading 30-year power warranty.

In August 2011, Silicon Energy opened a second multi-million dollar manufacturing plant in the Northeastern Minnesota community of Mt. Iron, introducing the same level of quality and durabliity in the Cascade Series PV Module and Mounting System to Minnesota These two sites enable Silicon Energy to meet national PV demand for a unique, differentiated, “Made in the USA” product.

Silicon Energy now continues its history of innovative design with the Next Generation Cascade Series PV module, which incorporates advanced encapsulants and glass without sacrificing strength, durability, or aesthetics. These innovations result in increased performance and power output with Silicon Energy’s continued commitment to sustainable business practices


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