TTF Aerospace was founded in Auburn in 1999 and has been in aerospace business for 15 years. With a facility of 70,000 square feet, 100 employees and AS9100 certificate TTF has became and it remains an industry leader in engineering, manufacturing and certification of innovative aircraft interiors.

Working with groundbreaking thoughts and ideas, no matter where they come from, and developing new solutions and products, are at the very core of TTF and its mission. Giving customer what they want while providing exceptional service is what a company strives for. An ambitious and driven team made TTF who they are today. One of TTF’s major products, a 1000 pound lighter lower deck modular crew rest, a “lighter than air” spa in the sky flying through clouds on wide-body aircrafts, is proof of that. On top of making crew rests for all aircraft platforms, TTF also has stow bins, floor panels, galleys, lavatories and various other monuments in their portfolio.


Aerospace Products & Parts


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Matea Osojnik
(253) 391-0427

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