Impact Washington helps Hydra Pro’s Bottom Line

Company Profile Hydra Pro manufactures AP12C monogrammed marine and offshore cranes for the oil and gas industry, ship cranes, hose handling cranes, subsea cranes, and dock cranes. The company employs 30 people at its facility in Seattle, Washington. Situation Hydra Pro had problems with late deliveries and low margins. Company president Ed Ramberg had read […]

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Project Reduces Overtime, Boosts Morale | Strasser Woodenworks

Company Profile Strasser Woodenworks manufactures bathroom cabinets and accessories. The company is located in Woodinville, Washington and has 48 employees. Situation Strasser needed to make some productivity improvements and reached out to Impact Washington, a NIST MEP affiliate, for assistance. A number of manual operations were affecting the company’s profitability, and Impact Washington suggested a […]

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Staying Strong in the Aerospace Supply Chain | Cascade Gasket and Manufacturing Inc.

Company Profile Cascade Gasket and Manufacturing Co, Inc. is located in Kent, WA with 75 employees. For 145 years, the company has produced non-metallic seal, gasket and clamp block parts primarily for the aerospace industry. Situation Boeing, being a leading airplane manufacturer and Cascade Gasket’s primary customer, made a major business decision to reduce their […]

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