Lean Transformation and TWI Training Result in Higher Efficiency for Itek

Company Profile Itek is a premier manufacturer of high-quality, assembled in America solar modules based in Bellingham, WA. Situation The objective of the training program was to create a culture of continuous improvement and Lean practices, as well as enhancing supervisor and production skills to facilitate the growth Itek Energy is experiencing. The training focused […]

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Q & A With Sarah Stuart: Innovate or Die?

Here is a question that we received, and while we don’t receive this question very often, we think the answer is useful and interesting. Question: My company needs to innovate. We have been making the same product with the same processes for a while now.  I fear if we don’t innovate, we are going to […]

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Effective Management System Implementation for Out of the Box Manufacturing

Company Profile Out of the Box Manufacturing is an innovative leader in electronic assembly and printed circuit board assemblies. Based in Renton Washington, they are committed to an environment of innovation and collaboration with their partners achieving the highest level of quality. Situation Out of the Box Manufacturing is a family business which successfully competes […]

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Q&A With Sarah Stuart: Continue With ISO/AS9100 Implementation?

Here is a question that we receive quite a lot.  In fact, a current client asked us this exact same question yesterday.  Question:  My team is telling me to not keep going with our ISO/AS9100 implementation.  They say we don’t have time to make things perfect. We have come so far?  What should I do? […]

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