Kaizen for a Cause | Heath Tecna

Company Profile Heath Tecna is a supplier of interior products for the passenger aircraft industry, serving airlines, lessors, and aircraft OEMs. The company manufactures nose-to-tail interiors and the support structures for aircraft. Located in Bellingham, WA, they craft equipment for the passenger cabin, flight deck, and cargo bay. Since the early 1950s, they have engineered, […]

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Good for the Environment, Good for the Company | Heath Tecna, Inc.

Company Profile Heath Tecna, Inc. (now part of Zodiac Aerospace) manufactures composite interior parts for airplanes cabins, flight decks and cargo bays. Since the early 1950s, they have engineered, built, and certified interior components for more than 6,000 aircraft around the globe. Today, more than 30% of operating aircraft with more than 100-passenger seats have […]

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