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Food Safety

FSPCA Foreign Supplier Verification Training in Bothell, WA

Farmers Loft

Bothell, WA, 3307 Monte Villa Parkway #100, Bothell WA 98021

This class fulfills FDA requirements for FSMA Qualified Individual Training for importers

The class will be led by an instructor with regulatory experience, has attended the FSPCA lead instructor training, and holds an Alliance Lead Instructor Certificate.

Questions?  Email us at Cdoan@impactwashington.org or  fsma@feedpctraining.com

Where: Farmers Loft, 3307 Monte Villa Parkway #100, Bothell WA 98021

When: August 14 – 15, 2017 (8:00AM-5:00PM each day)

 FSPC Foreign Supplier Verification training:  Course fee includes your FSPCA certificate fee, light breakfasts, breaks, refreshments, lunch, participants guide and workbook. Learn how to evaluate a foreign suppliers food safety plan. This is the standardized curriculum recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration for training individuals to be qualified to oversee the safe importation of food. Importers as of 5/30/17 are required to assess hazards in human and animal food, and verify suppliers have mitigated them properly.  Students will likely be a mix of importers, brokers and retailers. Upon completion participants will receive a certificate from the Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance signed by AFDO. You must be present the entire time to receive a certificate.


Day One Monday August 14, 2017

7:30 AM Light Breakfast Provided

8:00 AM

·         Introduction, KWL,

·         Context with FSMA and FSVP

·         Foundation for the FSVP process

·         Overview of requirements

·         Requirements, Exercise 3

12:00 PM Lunch Provided

·         Produce Safety Session

·         Food Safety Hazard Analysis

5:00 PM Wrap up Day One

Day Two Tuesday August 15, 2017

7:30 AM Light Breakfast Provided

8:00 AM

·         Hazard assessment- Exercise 4

·         Evaluation and approval of foreign suppliers

·         Foreign Supplier Verification

·         Reevaluation of supplier performance

12:00 PM Lunch Provided

·         Importer Identification

·         Records, Exercise 9

·         FDA Oversight

5:00 PM Wrap up Day Two

·         KWL, Questions, FSVP QI Certificates


 Registration: The workshop fee is $850/person.

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