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Lean 101 – Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, WA,

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Lean 101

Lean 101 is an introductory Lean course covering the following topics:

Defining Lean

Value-Added Work

Non Value-Added Waste Activities

Lean Factory – Level I

Teams, Employee Involvement

Workplace Organization (5S)

Visual Controls

Point-Of-Use Storage (POUS)


Lean Factory – Level II

Quick Changeover

Batch Size Reduction (WIP)

Quality at the Source

Lean Factory – Level III

Pull Systems/Kanban

Cellular Manufacturing

Standardized Work

Developing a Lean Culture

Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation (Lean 101) is a one-day seminar that introduces Lean Manufacturing in a classroom discussion combined with live simulation sessions that demonstrate the Lean concepts learned in the lectures.

Each training session has 16-22 participants and includes 4 hours of classroom training, and

4 hours of simulation game where trainees assume different roles in an imaginary company that transforms from mass production to Lean methods.

Lean Manufacturing doesn’t require a large capital investment or increased human resources. In fact, it shows you how to do more with less – less capital equipment and less floor space – by getting the waste out and replacing it with value-added processes.

Adopting a Lean approach is helping companies become faster and more responsive to customer requirements while using fewer resources.

In this introductory course, students will learn how to:

* Reduce cycle time

* Reduce floor space

* Reduce inventory

* Stimulate teamwork

* Improve productivity

* Improve cash flow

Day of class schedule:

8 hours required for class with 30 minutes for lunch. 8 am to 5 pm.


The cost of the course is $300 per participant, including participant materials and lunch, enrollment up to 25 people.

This class will take place in Vancouver, WA.  Class location is TBD.


Contact Kristin Kautz at KKautz@impactwashington.org or 360-241-5135.

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