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Lean Enterprise Certificate Program (Spanish) – Yakima, Wa. – Sept. 6 – Dec. 6, 2018

Yakima Valley College-Skills Center

Yakima, WA, 1116 S. 15th Ave. (S. 16th Ave and Prasch Ave) Yakima, Wa. 98902

Lean Enterprise Certificate Program (Texts & Lecture in Spanish)

Sponsored by Impact Washington, Yakima County Development Association and Yakima Valley College.


September 6th and 20th, October 4th and 18th, November 1st and 15th and December 6th.


(See below for locations by date)

Yakima Valley College – Skills Center
1116 S. 15th Ave.
(S. 16th Ave and Prasch Ave)
Yakima, Wa. 98902

Yakima County Development Association
10 North 9th St.
Yakima, Wa. 98901

Develop Internal Lean Champions!

Companies that realize sustained success implementing Lean know that developing their employees’ capabilities to lead continuous improvement efforts is key to that success. Designed for those with Spanish as their first language, this Lean Enterprise Certificate Program arms participants with a demonstrated understanding of the Lean Body of Knowledge, and provides them hands on practice applying Lean tools and strategies.

Benefits to an Organization:

  • Development of Internal Lean Champions
  • Enables employee involvement in sustained continuous improvement
  • Helps an organization build a Lean Transformation

The Program

  • 7 days of instruction over 14 weeks including the Impact Washington Lean Champions exam.
  • Provides Lean training and experience to those individuals who then can play the roles of “Lean Champions” for their organizations with a curriculum comprised of 32 hours of classroom and 24 hours of project application. Participants earn a certificate of completion.
  • The training will be combined with tours of local companies employing best practices in order to demonstrate and visualize Lean techniques in practice.
  • Participants receive and must read the following texts: Gemba Kaizen by Masaaki Imai, Lean Production Simplified by Pascal Dennis (or, for Spanish LECP, Lean Manufacturing, Paso a Paso by Luis Socconini), Lean Lexicon by Chet Marchwinski & John Shook, Learning to See by Mike Rother and John Shook and Toyota Kata by Mike Rother. In addition, instructional manuals that reflect the classroom presentations will be provided.
  • A three-hour test based on the instructional material and the required texts is administered at the end of the program where participants demonstrate understanding of the Lean Body of Knowledge.

Each Lean Enterprise Certificate Program (LECP) participant will:

  • Have demonstrated knowledge of the Lean Body of Knowledge
  • Apply their learning to their organization with a practicum project
  • Go back to their organization equipped to help champion continuous improvement

LECP certified students are those who have successfully met the LECP requirements of reading the prescribed books, completing 5 days of theory and simulation training, performing a minimum of 24 hours of work on an internal Lean project, and successfully completing IW Lean Champion test.

LECP Curriculum

Day 1 – September 6th class held at Yakima Valley Skills Center

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing (Lean 101). This consists of an introductory seminar combining the theory of LEAN Manufacturing with a live simulation that incorporates and applies the theory.

Day 2 – September 20th class held at Yakima County Development Association

Introduction to the Theory of Value Stream Mapping, Workplace Organization and Standardization, 5-S and Cellular Flow, Lean Applied in Office Environments.

Day 3 – October 4th class held at Yakima County Development Association

Set-Up Reduction/Quick Changeover, Pull/Kanban and Total
Production Maintenance, Lean Champion Development, Kaizen Events.

Day 4 & 5 – October 18th and November 1st class held at Yakima County Development Association

Problem Solving, Process Design, Quality, Productivity & Delivery Measures Product Development and Leadership & High Performing Teams. The Daily Improvement “Kata” Discipline is incorporated into the training.

Day 6 – November 15th class held at Yakima County Development Association

Practicum: In addition to the presentation of the Theory of Lean, students will be assigned to work with a team on a practical application of a key component of Lean Transformation. Students will present their projects.

Day 7 – December 6th class held at Yakima Valley Skills Center

Short review, Q&A and the IW Lean Champions Exam.

Company Tours & Exam Preparation are interspersed among the days of instruction outlined above. In order to demonstrate and visualize lean techniques in practice, the class will tour local companies to learn from companies working to employ best practices and to help students identify opportunities to eliminate waste and improve process efficiencies..

$1995 per participant inclusive of texts, manuals, and exam. Lunch provided. Classes are to be held 1 day every other week. First class is Septemer 6, 2018 in Yakima.

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