June, 2019 Wednesday

Food Safety

WEBINAR: NSF/H1 Food Machinery Lubricants | Understanding the Basics



Protect Your Food & The Machines That Process It

Using NSF/H1 registered food machinery lubricants is the new standard at food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing and packaging facilities. During this webinar, Ellie Girard from Lubriplate Lubricants will provide attendees background on the regulatory history of food machinery lubricants and details about each of the NSF lubricant product category codes. In addition, attendees will learn about the many features and benefits that NSF/H1 food machinery lubricants offer as well as discuss the importance and ease of converting to a 100% NSF/H1 lubrication program.

Join us and Food Safety Specialists from the Idaho and Montana NIST MEP Network.


Webinar Agenda: (MTN Time Zone)

  • 1:55 PM – Login to Webinar
  • 2:00 PM – Introductions by Catherine Cantley
  • 2:10 PM – Presentation by Ellie Girard
  • 2:40 PM – Questions with Ellie & Catherine
  • 2:55 PM – Wrap Up with Catherine
  • 3:00 PM – Close

If you have any questions about the Webinar, please contact Catherine Cantley of TechHelp and the U of I at 208-426-2181 or catherinecantley@techhelp.org.  TechHelp is a NIST MEP Network Affiliate.

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