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Cybersecurity is essential for both secure business operations and federal compliance. Our experts can help you maximize your technological resources to achieve robust cybersecurity.

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Our cybersecurity consultants partner with your business, taking the time to understand your unique challenges and offering a tailored approach and custom plan for manufacturers of any size.

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We’re a nonprofit organization with specialized account executives and a network of industry resources. Impact Washington has an 18 year history of creating measurable success for manufacturers of all sizes.

Recent Compliance Deadline

Many Washington manufacturers face federal cybersecurity compliance deadlines. All Department of Defense (DoD), General Services Administration (GSA) and NASA contractors must comply with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquistion Regulation Supplement (DFARS) minimum cybersecurity standards which went into effect on December 31, 2017. Manufacturers that fail to meet these standards will risk losing their federal contracts.

Some manufacturers may not know what exactly these federal cybersecurity standards require, or they may simply lack the time and expertise to assure compliance before the deadline. Impact Washington’s cybersecurity experts are ready to help support the Washington manufacturing community through this process: we can determine your current compliance level and craft a custom consulting solution to make sure you meet the standards.

Additional Resources

Let Impact Washington help you ensure compliance and move towards a strong, sustainable cybersecurity solution for your company.

Cybersecurity Standards



A rule published by the DoD, GSA, and NASA in 2016 added 15 “basic safeguarding” cybersecurity controls for all contractor information systems that process, store, or transmit Federal data. You can read the complete text of all 15 requirements here.




DoD contractors must also comply with a more rigorous “Safeguarding Covered Defense Information & Cyber Incident Reporting” clause which outlines expectations for “Adequate” cybersecurity, cyber incident reporting, and other functions. You can read the full standard here.

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