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Enter or expand your presence in global markets through the MEP ExporTech™ program.

Exports are critical to the American economy. They stimulate economic growth, help balance the trade deficit, and create jobs. For manufacturers, they open up new markets. International networking can lead to the diversification of sales, development of new processes, technologies, skills, and product applications. Our specialists can help you find new export markets for your products and connect you with funding for improvements that will make your company more effective, profitable and better able to compete in global markets.

Impact Washington is focused on helping manufacturers generate revenue growth, and international sales represent a vital opportunity. Together with USCS, the MEP network developed ExporTech.



ExporTech™ helps SMEs create or expand their presence in global markets. The intensive three-session program combines peer group learning with individual coaching for a compressed learning curve. By the end, participants have not only formulated an export plan, they have had the extraordinary opportunity of having their plan vetted by a panel of experienced international business people.

ExporTech instructors are a collaboration of a wide range of organizations, including District Export Councils, state agencies, ExIm Bank, SBA, logistics companies, attorneys and bankers, etc. Furthermore, they are local; previous participants report that, after program completion, these experts become part of their company’s extended export “team”. Company results, on average: $770,000 sales increase/retention and $50,000 cost and investment savings per year.

Export Education Resources

1) U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, “Trade Finance Guide: A Quick Reference for U.S. Exporters” (2012). This eBook provides a helpful overview on international payment methods, export finance products, and risk mitigation techniques.

2) U.S. Department of Commerce / United States Commercial Service – “A Basic Guide to Exporting” (2012). This eBook breaks down the process of exporting into readable chapters.

3) U.S. Department of Commerce / United States Commercial Service – “How to Export Video Series”

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