Manufacturing Technology

Grow and compete in the global marketplace with robotics and other technology opportunities

Manufacturing is vital to the U.S. economy. Technology in manufacturing enables product innovations and efficient processes that deliver higher value, without which U.S. manufacturers could not be globally competitive. Expanding the adoption of innovative technology, will ensure that the United States remains a nation that invents it here and manufactures it here.

The MEP network was created to help transfer technology from federal labs to smaller manufacturers and continues to serve as the link between manufacturers and the technology opportunities and solutions they require to be globally competitive.

Impact Washington fosters innovation and growth through technology enhancement to develop new products or enhance existing products, expand and diversify markets, develop and improve production and engineering processes, enhance value within supply chains, and to bolster U.S. manufacturing ecosystems.


Technology Scouting

Helps firms search beyond their typical sources to find solutions for technology needs. We use a systematic approach to help SMEs find technology solutions. This method, combined with our extensive partnership network including access to government, university and private sector research, allows companies to find technology solutions outside their industry.


Technology-Driven Market Intelligence

A service that provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to technology-focused market intelligence. Unlike traditional market research, TDMI directly considers the technical and market viability of your asset and provides the customized actionable intelligence you need, ultimately leading to improved competitiveness and growth.


Commercialization services

Product development can be enhanced by technology adoption. We provide a number of services to support this process, such as Design for Manufacture, Design for Assembly, and Lean Product Development.


Smart Manufacturing

In collaboration with NIST Engineering Laboratory, engaging small manufacturers in the development, conduct and transfer of the Smart Manufacturing Program. Connecting small manufacturers with world-class knowledge, practices, facilities, and research leading to improved strategy through the acceleration of technology into their products and processes.


Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Impact Washington supports the SBIR program by identifying SMEs that would benefit from SBIR, providing help with critical R&D plans, and supporting commercialization activities.

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