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Develop next level strategies to drive sustainable growth for your organization.

Looking at your business and assessing your options objectively is essential to remain successful and competitive in today’s environment. Embarking on a structured strategic planning process allows you to gather an objective view of your business, define or refine your vision and mission, set strategic goals, and develop effective strategies and tactics, in the form of an Operational Plan, to reach those goals and make your vision a reality.

As part of the largest consulting network in the nation, Impact Washington has a wealth of knowledge, research and data, which we have leveraged to develop an effective strategic planning process for small and mid sized manufacturers competing in today’s business environment. We understand the balance between the development of an effective Strategic Plan that defines a clear mission, goals and metrics, and the importance of a working Operational Plan, which evolves as the organization operates to effectively meet the changing market needs. We also understand the intricacies of implementing a new strategic plan and the effects and changes it may have on your organization.

Our experts can help you develop a strategic plan to guide your organization and an operational plan to manage it. Our process is not limited to your leadership team, but includes key stakeholders throughout the organization, which we have found drives ownership and success of implementation. We can also help you align your organization to effectively reach your goals and manifest your vision.


Strategic Planning

Provides a holistic approach to the strategic planning process, led by the definition of strategic goals to drive sustainable growth and a focus on the development of key performance indicators to guide and measure progress as the plan is implemented across the organization.


Operational Plan & Implementation

Establishes clear operating procedures and metrics which will move your organization toward your strategic goals. Once your operational plan is developed and implemented we will work with you to conduct regular business reviews to measure progress and shift strategies accordingly.


Organizational Alignment

Creates a roadmap and facilitates the process of aligning your organization to effectively reach your goals.

A Strategy Consulting Success Story: Strategic Planning for Accelerated Growth

Impact Washington assisted Protech Composites in increasing growth along with assisting with federal programs such as the Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge grant for Southwest Washington state.

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