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Gordy Anderson

Human Resources Leadership, Coaching and Leadership Development

Gordy is a global gman resources Leader with 25-plus years driving strategic business and operations initiatives.

He has a proven track record of diagnosing, untangling and resolving complex organizational challenges. Special interest and passion in leading, facilitating and problem solving the human elements of lean business systems implementation, with 20 years of experience managing in a rapidly evolving lean business culture.

He is a trusted advisor to both for-profit and not-for-profit executives on organizational issues.

His leadership execution is grounded in integrity, accountability, fact-driven assessments, applying creative and intuitive solutions, and solid business practices that deliver results.


University of Washington - Michael G. Foster School of Business MBA, Executive MBA Program

University of Washington, BA in Architecture

Subject Expertise

  • Human Resources Leadership in Private and Public Corporate Settings
  • Coaching and Leadership Development 
  • Organizational Problem Solving 
  • Developing Lean Business Systems 
  • Driving Operational Excellence 
  • Project Management 
  • Driving Large-Scale Organizational Change Initiatives
  • Nonprofit Board Leadership and Governance