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Impact Washington helps Hydra Pro’s Bottom Line

Company Profile

Hydra Pro manufactures AP12C monogrammed marine and offshore cranes for the oil and gas industry, ship cranes, hose handling cranes, subsea cranes, and dock cranes. The company employs 30 people at its facility in Seattle, Washington.


Hydra Pro had problems with late deliveries and low margins. Company president Ed Ramberg had read about Toyota Production methods and saw them as a way forward. Ramberg contacted Impact Washington, a NIST MEP affiliate, for assistance.


Impact Washington regional project director Krassimir Totev, working with South Seattle Community College, crafted a funding package that would allow Hydra Pro to receive Lean Training and use those methods to improve. Impact Washington brought in process improvement specialists to train company employees and lead the Kaizen events. Several Hydra Pro employees were trained to spot and eliminate waste in their processes and increase the amount of value-added time to every operation. As a result of Impact Washington’s assistance, the company reduced inventory by 67% and changed purchasing practices. Now, they only purchase what they need for specific projects. Margins have also improved, along with on-time deliveries.


  • Reduced inventory from $1.2M to $400,000
  • Reduced on-time delivery time from 101 days to 38 days

The project with Impact Washington was, for us, a case of timing. With the downturn, we would have had to lay people off. With Impact’s help, we didn’t. In addition to the quantifiable improvements, we’ve seen improved morale, and a much more relaxed and organized work environment.

Jennifer Cresap VP of Operations / Hydra Pro