July, 2017 Wednesday


Top Line Growth, Bottom Line Results

Pacific Continental Community Room

Vancouver, WA,

You can and must have both to compete in today’s manufacturing environment.  Join us for a dynamic, thought provoking morning to help develop your manufacturing potential.

July 26, 2017  7:30 to 10 am.

Pacific Continental Bank, 101 Main Street, Vancouver WA

Hudson Building Community Room

Cost: $20.

Continental breakfast will be provided.

“Building a Sales Structure for Superior Results”

by John Lee Jr., Outsourced VP of Sales, Stumptown Sales Success LLC

Many, if not most companies face challenges in developing new sales outside of their regional or core customer base. This presentation is specifically designed to address the sales challenges small and mid-size companies face. Learn the top 10 reasons why sales are not increasing as planned and the actions that must be undertaken to create the foundation for dramatic sales growth. It will provide insights into the sales process using unforgettable real world examples and stories.

Understanding True Costs of Products and Services to Maximize Profitability and Reduce Risk

by Debra Mervyn, Mervyn Group

Bottom line results are achieved by first understanding bottom line numbers. Unfortunately, accounting and financial reports do not accurately reflect the true costs of a product or service.  When it comes to addressing the decision making and bottom line performance facing companies of all sizes and market sectors, you can learn how small to medium size businesses, just like Fortune 100 and 500 companies, have used process mapping and cost accounting to define the true cost of products or services sold, and at the same time pursue the improvements needed to significantly increase contribution margins. The presentation will provide insights into this process using real world examples from northwest companies

A cost assessment enables an organization to accurately quantify costs and contribution margin, prioritize improvements and quantify the return on investment (ROI) for a project, product or initiative.

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