Impact Washington (formerly Washington Manufacturing Services) is a non-profit organization that strengthens Washington manufacturers to make them more globally competitive. With our manufacturing experts and our network of industry resources, we provide the change that makes the difference between surviving and thriving.

Impact Washington has helped Washington State manufacturers to become more globally competitive. Our manufacturing experts and industry resource network help create the change that can make the difference between surviving and thriving. Impact Washington has a 18 year history of creating measurable impacts for manufacturers with an array of consulting and training services. Over the past eighteen years, Impact Washington has assisted Washington State manufacturers to:

  • Increase sales by $540,103,363
  • Retain sales by $379,767,355*
  • Increase investment by $29,646,414*
  • Create and retain over 9500 jobs*
  • Total bottom-line impact = $919,870,718*

(*Data from quarterly NIST MEP Survey Q1, 2000- Q4, 2014)

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  • Lean Enterprise Our Lean enterprise training and solutions help companies create value by eliminating waste across their organizations to improve throughput, increase profits and ensure customer satisfaction. Learn how

    Quality Solutions From ISO to Six Sigma, our specialists help you achieve the industry quality system standards that will help you attract new customers, retain existing customers and compete in the global market. Learn how

    Supply Chain Optimization Risk is everywhere.  It often shows up at the most inopportune time.  The NIST-MEP Supply Chain Optimization program provides a step-by-step roadmap to help manufacturers address risk, increase visibility and create supply chains that function at optimum capacity.  Learn how.

    Sales and Marketing Our experts help you develop sales and marketing plans that streamline your sales process and provide a roadmap for growth and increased profitability. Learn how

    Growth and Innovation Our growth coaches can help you implement a reliable system for profitable growth and improve the chances for new product success. Learn how

  • Proven employee training to empower your people and increase productivity

    Moving forward with a solid succession plan is more important than ever for small family businesses as this white paper by Lisë Stewart illustrates. Read more.

    Business Development We help you develop the strategy, leadership skills and cultural change needed for a successful and sustainable business. Learn how

    Workforce Development Impact Washington offers many programs that enable your organization to develop and maintain your workforce and evaluate the changes your company needs to grow and become more profitable. Learn how

  • Sustainability strategies for manufacturing compliance and the health
    of our planet

    Lean and Ecology: The Perfect Pair. View video

    Sustainability   Our specialists help your business become Lean and green to reduce costs, increase quality and reduce environmental impact. Learn how

    Energy   We map your energy footprint to help you gain efficiencies, reduce waste and lower your costs. Learn how

    Regulatory Compliance   We guide you through the process of regulatory compliance using regulatory experts in your industry. Learn how

    Health and Safety   We help you create both a healthy and safe environment to meet regulations and protect your workforce. Learn how

  • From business plans to helping you get your idea to market, we’ll help you get started in the business of manufacturing

    Impact Washington helped The Bogert Group grow from a garage-based business to a manufacturer of specialized military equipment with five million dollars in sales and twenty-five employees. Read more

    Business Plan Development   We help you define your business vision, goals, strategies and objectives so you can be successful from the start. Learn how

    Coaching   We provide personal guidance to help you turn your idea into a successful product or business. Learn how

    Marketing   We work with you to develop strategic branding and marketing plans that increase awareness and build relationships with your target customers. Learn how

    Financial Basics   We’ll give you the financial management skills you need to get started and be profitable. Lean how

Find out how Impact Washington can help you; contact us today.