Make it in Washington: A Public-Private Initiative to Enhance the Manufacturing Sector in Washington

Make it in Washington Partners:

The Make it in Washington initiative (MiiW)  is a public-private investment in small and midsized manufacturers in targeted counties in Washington.   MiiW uses an integrated approach and a blend of federal, state and private investment to deliver solutions for increasing workforce skills through advanced education, tailored business consulting services, connection to growth capital and access to global markets. The goal of Make it in Washington is to increase manufacturing capacity, strengthen supply chains, attract investment and create new opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Free Training Available to Qualifying Manufacturers

The U.S. Department of Labor is paying for the training to boost the skills of those who work at small and mid-sized manufacturers in rural areas. With the Make it in Washington grant, manufacturers can have their employees gain valuable training through Washington State University, Highline and Shoreline Colleges. All training is online and aimed at boosting staff productivity in even the most remote places, where enhancing employee skills is critical, but difficult. Get more details and enroll your employees today at

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How Does It Work?

Make it in Washington offers you the opportunity to build your manufacturing business and improve your workforce at the same time. Here’s what it can do for you:

  1. Advance your staff’s productivity through funded online training.
  2. Boost your company’s profitability through strategic consulting.
  3. Get supply chain assistance to better compete for global customers.
  4. Receive a professional business assessment and roadmap for increased returns.

Make it in Washington: It’s All About Manufacturing Growth

Make it in Washington has four areas of focus to help manufacturers grow:

  • AssessmentFind out where you stand and where you go from here. We walk you through a comprehensive look at your business and your current capabilities. From there, we help you make connections to new local and regional opportunities and deliver a roadmap for increased returns.
  • Consulting – Accelerate your company to the next level. We work with you to help you develop strategies, diversify your customer base, expand into new markets, reshore, and develop applied technology solutions.
  • Advanced Education – Boost employee productivity through advanced education. We provide opportunities for online, funded college-level training for key employees, equipping them with high-level skills to effectively manage projects, people and technology and advance up the career ladder.
  • Connections – Connect with new growth opportunities. We help prepare you for growth through growth capital acquisition, foreign direct investment, access to new markets, and access to directory of local and regional vendors and suppliers.

See below for map of qualified counties. (Qualified counties indicated in green on the map.)

To get more information or schedule a visit, contact Patric Sazama at or Office-509-448-4242; Mobile-509-998-4280.