Small Manufacturer’s Connection

Impact Washington’s Small Manufacturer’s Connection is a service designed for Washington State’s smallest manufacturers, an important component of our state’s manufacturing industry.

If you are a manufacturer with 20 or less employees, or less than $10 million in annual revenue, you qualify.

The Small Manufacturer’s Connection (SMC) is a free conversation with one of our manufacturing experts to discuss the state of your business. Our SMC field representatives bring specific expertise, like engineering or operations management or Lean implementation, to you.

They can also tap into the experience and expertise of the entire Impact Washington team. We have access to specialists in everything from ergonomics to pricing to management teams, and as an affiliate of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, our access to resources extends across the United States. We also have access to the National Innovation Marketplace, a place for your innovations to have access to millions of buyers worldwide and where you can find profitable ideas and technologies that can help you innovate and grow.

If you’ve got a question about manufacturing, chances are we’ve dealt with it before and can help you with an answer.

In most cases, a small manufacturer just needs help getting unstuck.  Have you ever had any of these issues?

  • I hate my website and I don’t have the time or expertise to work on it.  Do you know somebody who can help?
  • I’m looking for more work. Can you tell me where I might find some other opportunities in the area?
  • How do I sell to the government?
  • I want to retire soon — can you recommend a good succession planner?
  • I need money, but I don’t want to lose control of the business. Can you suggest funding sources?
  • I’d like to streamline my processes — where do I start?

If you would like to speak with one of our manufacturing specialists about the future of your company, give us a call at (425) 438-1146. For more information on Impact Washington’s Small Manufacturer’s Connection, contact Soraya Dossa at