Smart Talent

A Proven Systems Approach to Building an Irresistible Place to Work

What is Smart Talent?

During Smart Talent consulting, Impact Washington will introduce a systems approach to improving your company culture and transforming your manufacturing business into a place that consistently attracts top talent.

Better Recruiting, Training & Retention

Our Smart Talent system is tailored to help Washington’s manufacturing community apply relevant best practices for recruiting, training and retention to optimize every stage of their talent development process.

Why Impact?

We’re a nonprofit organization with specialized account executives and a 100% success rate. We leverage our national network of sister organizations and grant access to ensure your implementation is sustainable and affordable.

Are you having trouble finding employees? Do the employees you hire never quite seem to be “good” enough? Or are you experiencing high turnover, suffering from an ineffective training program, or having a difficult time leveling up employees into higher level positions?

We know that many companies in Washington’s growing manufacturing sector face these challenges. Whether it’s an issue with recruiting, training, or retention, gaps in your talent development program can leave your company at a disadvantage that smart business strategy or a superior product alone can’t solve.

Our Smart Talent consulting program offers a systems approach to addressing these issues. We help you add structure, strategy and proven tactics to every step of your talent development process, from recruiting and hiring to onboarding and on job training and extending all the way to the creation of career ladders and succession plans as part of employees’ development.

Manufacturing businesses who take advantage of the Smart Talent system see benefits including:
• A 50%-90% decrease in time to proficiency for new hires
• A 25% reduction in non-value-added work
• 25%-50% less churn
• A larger hiring pool, with increases ranging from 30% to exponential growth
• Higher labor efficiency due to a more flexible workforce
• Long term savings that allow for more specialized hiring
• Streamlined processes at every step in an employee’s development

Smart Talent Strategy:

Decrease entry barriers and increase hiring pool through better messaging and smarter employee targeting.
Increase profitability and productivity while decreasing turnover by fine-tuning your onboarding and initial trainings.
Enhance the velocity and impact of training efforts through proven, highly structured approaches to efficient, lasting knowledge acquisition.

Benefits for the Employee

Better job environment • Clearly defined performance expectations • Opportunities for greater contribution • A safer workplace • Empowered to pursue promotions & higher salaries • Enhanced job security & transferable skills


Benefits for the Company

Lower operating costs • Improved quality • More flexible workforce • Reduction in safety events • A more predictable, scalable training process • Opportunity to attract and engage top talent


Benefits for the Community

Engages the labor pool • Includes dislocated workers • Promotes community involvement • Provides healthy, safe workplaces • Increases economic stability through quality jobs & high retention

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