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Impact Washington Launches Workforce Development Program

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 | Economic Development, News Release, Workforce

New Workforce Solutions System Helps Manufacturing Clients Take a Structured Approach to Manage Their Workplace to Drive Optimal Results and Retain Top Talent.

Impact Washington, an affiliate of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Manufacturing Extension Program (NIST MEP), announces their Workforce Solutions System program. The current workforce environment calls for implementing an update to their existing service to meet manufacturers' needs in the State.

As a company, we know Workforce Development remains a top issue for the State's manufacturing sector.  Attracting and retaining employees is a struggle, and we expect the struggle to continue into 2021 and beyond. The future of manufacturing is at risk without an improvement in retention strategies,” Says Deloit R. Wolfe, Jr., Impact Washington’s President, and Center Director. “Our new program will help companies put the right pieces into place now.  The customized approach to developing their workforce will help clients develop and grow employees – and their company – well into the future.”

Impact Washington’s Workforce Solutions System is scalable to fit our clients' needs no matter their organization's size. The configured solutions are accompanied by full implementation support, including employee and leadership education and training by experienced human resource consultants and strategic advisors. By shifting workforce challenges to Impact Washington's systematic approach, manufacturers can efficiently build essential capabilities and strength for both the company and the employees at every level. Clients achieve improved productively and consistent results through creating policies, processes, and procedures that ensure workplace activities tie to their organization's long-term strategic goals.

We felt it was essential to create a program that is customizable, repeatable, and includes a variety of learning methods,” says Damon Nix, Impact Washington’s Director of Business Development. “We don’t want companies to have to recreate the wheel two years from now.”

As part of the new solution, Impact Washington conducts a no-cost gap analysis of clients' current workforce training and development approach. The analysis streamlines the opportunities and helps clients set the groundwork for their future workforce program, allowing companies to make quick and efficient decisions that drive impact.

Manufacturers can feel confident in their partnership with Impact Washington as the company continues to provide leading service solutions to address client challenges. More information about Impact Washington’s Workforce Development Solutions can be viewed here


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